Research cont’d: Day 127

We were in the media center today continuing our research. By tomorrow, all students should have one article read and annotated with pink cards created for each set of research questions. Download pink cards here: Citation Cards 2012.

Here are some useful links for your research:

Remember, your search terms should be “Title of the book in quotes” Authorlastname, like “Of Mice and Men” Steinbeck.

  1. EBSCOhost (password is on your handout and is really obvious if you think about a smart bird)
  2. General Reference Center Gold
  3. Google Scholar (remember to uncheck include patents)
  4. Google News (you MUST click the drop-down box arrow in the search bar and in Date added to Google news, click in Archive)
  5. Google (search for “Book” author interview)
  6. YouTube (search for “Book” author interview)
  7. Last resort: search Google and look for reliable, non-blog websites.

HW: Come into class tomorrow with one article printed, annotated, with accompanying pink cards. All research is due on Monday. 

Honors, that means 5 articles per person.

Standard, that means 3 articles per person.

Honors project? That’s 10-15 articles per person.