How to read an article: Day 125

This week will be research week, which I’m super excited about! We will be reading articles, watching videos, and generally researching the novels we read in order to garner enough information to write a variety of encyclopedia sections on the novel.

Today, students looked at a variety of research questions that will guide our reading. We reviewed what encyclopedia section each question would help us write.

1. Review of sections: Students read the front of W29 and summarized the contents of each section. Download the notes here: Research Questions.

2. Example article. Next, we read an article reviewing Of Mice and Men written in 1937. As we read, we took SCOPE notes and highlighted phrases that might be useful to incorporate into their articles. Tomorrow, students will be printing out articles they find about their own novels and beginning to read those.

HW: None tonight. Your research questions are already written for you on W29, so no homework.