Characterization arguments: Day 102

1. Characterization notes.

Students took the following notes on L21 (a piece of notebook paper). If you were absent, copy these down:

Two Types of Characters

1. Round Characters (or Dynamic Characters)

– have internal conflict (man vs. self)

– have various sides to their personality

– change throughout the story

2. Flat Characters (or Static Characters)

– little internal conflict (what you see is what you get)

– mostly fits into a stereotype (i.e. the best friend, the compassionate dad, the bully, etc.)

– does not learn anything or change dramatically throughout the story

2. Characters in To Kill a Mockingbird. Next, in their notes students make a T-chart of dynamic and static characters in TKaM. They argued for their placement of characters.

3. Characterization Outline. Students then started their work outlining an essay (which they won’t actually write) on a character from Of Mice and Men. More on this in tomorrow’s post when we finish the outline.

HW: Read Of Mice and Men Chapter 4 for tomorrow and fill in Reading Guide.