Flash Fiction Workshops: Days 92-95

Sorry for the lack of posting this week, everyone! Sitting in as the faculty representative for Thoroughly Modern Millie auditions has been awesome, but time-consuming! Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Monday and Friday were both Flash Fiction workshops.

We followed these procedures: Flash Fiction Workshop and used these To Do Lists: Flash Fiction To Do List 1 (Tuesday) and Flash Fiction To Do List 2 (Friday).

Basically, the workshop format was this: 1. Students read their work aloud, with the author making corrections as needed during the reading. The listeners take plus/delta notes. 2. Students pass their story silently to another group member; that group member checks for the presence of a key literary element (syntax shift, plot, figurative language, characterization, theme). They also make editing marks and comments on the story. 3. The group shares feedback. For each author, we do two rounds of compliments and one round of suggestions. Throughout all of this I mingled about, listening and giving plus/delta notes for everyone I could.

Tuesday we looked at the results of our CA and reviewed some especially tricky questions.

Thursday was a straight-up work day for Flash Fiction.

HW: Flash Fiction, final draft, typed and printed out due MONDAY at the beginning of class. Bring all of your rough drafts and To Do Lists with you on Monday to turn them all in at once. We need to see your drafting process and how your story evolved over time.

To Kill a Mockingbird essay revisions are due on Friday, February 3. First, second, fourth, and fifth period classes have all received their grades on these essays. Any revisions will earn them extra credit. Print out the revised essay by Friday (or ask me to print it out for you).

P.S. Thank you, students, thank you, parents for being open to participating in a revision process. There is nothing I love more, nothing I find more rewarding than engaging with you, students, about your writing and your ideas. You are incredible.