Oral Quiz and Lit Circles: Day 65

1. Do now. Students answered the following questions in complete sentences using their SAT words. Honors answered all the questions. Regular only answered the first four. If you were absent, you should do this for practice (not graded).

  1. Who feels ambivalent about the verdict? Why? Example answer: Mayella might feel ambivalent about the verdict since she must feel guilty for sentencing the only man she ever really liked to death but also relieved to escape possible retribution from her father.
  2. What kind of person does Jem disdain? Explain. Jem disdains people who don’t use logic and common sense to arrive at their conclusions about the world. His perspective is based on thoughtfulness and knowledge; he doesn’t value the opinions of those who do not share that paradigm.
  3. What makes Jem indignant? Jem is indignant at the verdict; he thinks it’s obvious that Tom is innocent and is angry that Tom has been unfairly sentenced.
  4. Why is Jem surprised at Atticus’s indifference toward the verdict? Atticus risks his life and, potentially, the lives of his children defending Tom Robinson, so Jem is surprised that Atticus takes his own failure in court with so little concern.
  5. Which lawyer acts condescending during the trial? To whom? How? Mr. Gilmer acts condescending to Tom Robinson, calling him “boy” and suggesting that he has no right to feel sorry for a white woman. Gilmer looks down on Robinson because of his race.
  6. What does Bob Ewell do that is impetuous? One could consider Bob Ewell’s entire case a result of an impetuous decision to press charges against Tom Robinson; his thoughtless effort to find a scapegoat actually led to increased problems for himself, which he did not suspect.
  7. How does Jem act precocious during the trial? Jem precociously explains each and every nuance of the lawyers’ arguments to Scout, as if he has been in law school for years.
Students shared some answers and I gave them feedback on whether the sentence would get full credit on the test or not.

2. Test format. We reviewed how to get extra credit:

  • Complete your name/vocab word chart from Monday
  • Bring your flashcards tomorrow
  • Have your complete notes (V2)
  • Score in the top 20 in Space Race or Scatter

Then, I showed students what the test will look like:

  • First section: SAT words. I give you the words. You write complete sentences proving you understand what the word means and how to use it.
  • Second section: Honors, you will be given the word part and you have to write the definition (all the definitions for full credit; one of the definitions for 3/4 credit; a synonym of the definition for 1/2 credit). Regular, you will have to match the word part to the definition.
  • Third section: Multiple choice applying the prefix to a new word that you may or may not know.

3. Oral Quiz. We answered a few oral quiz questions reviewing the end of the trial, the verdict, and the children’s reactions.

4. Lit Circle Discussions. Students discussed their motifs together. I recorded them on voice recorders. Their two Lit Circle discussions will be graded together as a quiz grade.

HW: Study for test tomorrow using flashcards, on Quizlet, etc.

For Tuesday: Honors, read Ch. 23, 24, 25, 26, 27.

For Tuesday: Regular, read Ch. 25.

For Wednesday: Honors, Motif Journal entry #8. Regular, Motif Journal entry #6.