Vocab review and Lit Circles: Day 62 and 63

On Tuesday:

1. Flashcards. We made vocabulary flashcards in class and learned how to use them to study (the two-pile method).

2. Literature Circles. Students discussed their motifs in literature circles. Their discussions were recorded and will be counted for a grade.

No progress reports today. Sorry. I did send home a note with your child; if you didn’t get it, you should know you will see a progress report tomorrow, Wednesday, which is an early release day. (Technical problems.)

HW: Study vocab for test on Friday.  Honors read Ch. 19-22 for Thursday. Motif Journal #7. Regular read Ch. 19 and 21 for Thursday. Motif Journal #5.

On Monday:

1. Vocab review. In class we practiced using our SAT words to study for our vocab test on Friday. On the test, you have to use each of your SAT words in an original, complete sentence that demonstrates you know what the word means. Here’s what we did: we made a chart with our SAT words across the top and the names of four To Kill a Mockingbird (and/or Other Voices, Other Rooms) characters along the side. Then, we wrote sentences in the chart that matched the character to the vocabulary word. For instance: Scout feels ambivalent about her gender role: she wants to please her family and act lady-like, but at the same time she has a natural aversion to all things woman. If you complete the chart (16 sentences total for Regular, 28 sentences total for Honors), you will get 1 point of extra credit on the test.

2. Preposition Dance. We learned the next section of the preposition dance. Prepositions must be memorized by December 20.

3. Simon Says. With our extra time, we played a game of Simon Says using our vocabulary word parts.

HW: Read Ch. 16-18 for tomorrow. Complete motif journal entry (Regular #4, Honors #5 and #6).