Foreshadowing and Flashback: Day 15

1. Passbacks. Students received their graded summer assignments and progress reports. Their progress reports only have a few grades on them, since the majority of homework so far has been writing, which takes a little bit longer to grade than usual. Also, the project (Summer Assignment) is work 60% of the grade, so students should be more focused on redoing their summer assignment than they should be on turning in late homework (which is only worth 10% of the grade).

Please have the progress reports signed and return tomorrow or Monday. I don’t give credit for signing progress reports since it tends to widen the achievement gap between low-workers and high-workers (the low grades don’t show it to mom and dad and then their grade gets lower for not having it signed; the high grades do show it to mom and dad and their grade gets higher). I will track in a non-graded way whether or not progress reports are signed.

All students are eligible to redo their summer assignment, even if they got a 99%. All redos are due by 9/22 (next Thursday). This will be the policy throughout the year: not happy with your project grade? Redo it within one week. Still not happy? Redo it again within one week. Etc. 

To redo your summer assignments: Cross out the responses you think are not strong. Add as many new responses on a new piece of paper as you crossed off. For instance, if you cross off five boxes, you should add five boxes. Use your rubric and the comments to determine how you can push yourself to engage in a higher level of thought.

2. Dialogue quiz. Students took a super-short quiz. Here are the correct answers:

“Hi!” I said.

She replied, “Hi.”

“You look nice,” I told her.

“Thanks?” She blushed.

While students quizzed we collected Honors’ writing homework.

3. Flashback and Foreshadowing. Students traveled around to five different tables to learn about Flashback and Foreshadowing. Instead of listening to us talk at them about these terms, they learned them on their own in small groups. Here is the notes sheet they used: Flashback and Foreshadowing Guided Notes Front and Flashback Foreshadowing Guided Notes Back. And here are the notes they took:

  • Table 1: Flashback. See notes by clicking this link. We watched this sweet flashback clip from Twilight as an example. (P.S. I went to boarding school with Jasper. Ask me about it sometime. He dated the girl who lived across the hall from me. He’s a nice guy.)
3. Writing with techniques. Students started writing a scene from their memoir using one of the four techniques learned today or yesterday. Your homework tonight is to finish writing that scene using one of the four techniques.
HW: Write one scene from your memoir using foreshadowing, flashback, reflection, internal monologue (or any combination of them if you want to use more than one). Tomorrow we will be having writing workshops to improve one of our pieces. We will have special visiting guests from Duke to help us with our workshop. Thanks, Writing 20!