Day 160: The Cyclops

1. Oral Quiz / Reading review. Students answered questions about the reading and we discussed. I pointed out my favorite bits, reading them aloud for all to relish. Here are some tidbits for you at home:

Lurching up, he lunged out with his hands toward my men / and snatching two at once, rapping them on the ground / he knocked them dead like pups–– / their brains gushed out all over, soaked the floor– / and ripping them limb from limb to fix his meal / he bolted them down like a mountain-lion, left no scrap, / devoured entrails, flesh and bones, marrow and all! (17).

[H]e toppled over, sprawled full-length, flat on his back / and lay there, his massive neck slumping to one side, / and sleep that conquers all overwhelmed him now / as wine came spurting, flooding up from his gullet / with chunks of human flesh–he vomited, blind drunk (19).

2. Reading / memoir corrections. Students then had time to read their next chapters. Some students received proofs of their memoir to be published in our forthcoming book of memoirs, Other People + Me.

HW: Honors – read books 10 and 11. Regulr – read book 11.