Day 136: Vocab, Meter, and beginning R&J

Recommended edition for Honors (or any other edition with lots of footnotes)

1. Wordskills 3.20-3.23. Students took notes on some new word parts. If you were gone, get notes from a friend!

2. Rhythm and Meter. Students got back their rhythm poems. They must rewrite the poems to have the same rhythm and meter in each line. That means the same stress patterns and the same number of syllables in every single line. This is very hard and should feel like a difficult sudoku or crossword puzzle. Due Monday rewritten below the original version. If you didn’t get one back, that means you haven’t completed the assignment. Download it here: Rhythm Homework web.

3. R&J Plot recap. Students told each other what was going to happen in the play based on the skits they watched yesterday. We listed the events on the board. It’s important to know the events of the play before we get started, since that knowledge is expected and increases the dramatic irony.

4. Romeo and Juliet reading. We read/listened to the first part of Romeo and Juliet. Most classes only read the prologue, some classes got through 80 lines of scene 1.

HW: Rewrite rhythm homework. Reread what we read in class. If you are  in Honors, you need a copy of Romeo and Juliet by Monday, or else I’m issuing you a very heavy textbook.