Day 119 & 120: Research

The password for NCWiseOwl / Infotrac is wiseowl.

Just found this out from Ms. Brantley! Yay! Now you can do all the research at home.

Today, we are beginning to research the release, writing, and reception of our novels to write about them on Wikipedia.

1. What’s in a novel article? Well, read this. (All students did at the beginning of class.)

2. Research. Students all received Citation Cards (1 for regular English, 2 for Honors – minimum) and this guide to Research.

3. Demo. We searched for some information together as a class on the overhead, then students began research on their own.

4. Wednesday is a work day for researching.


Regular: At least 1 green citation card due Thursday at the beginning of class.

Honors: At least 2 green citation cards due Thursday at the beginning of class.