Day 99: The coming of age novel

1. Wordskills 3.6-3.7 Students learned two more word parts (no SAT words today).

2. Sentence writing. On a sheet of notebook paper, V3.75, students wrote two sample SAT sentences.

1. apprehensive (Hon. and Reg.): I was apprehensive about _________ because I thought ___[something bad might happen]____.

1.5 assiduous (Hon.): I worked assiduously on _________; ____[explain how hard, long, dedicated your work was]_____.

Then, students were asked to write their own sentences using any form of apprehensive or assiduous.

3. Notes on The Coming of Age Novel. Students received this sheet: The Coming of Age Novel Notes L27. We took the following notes:

bildung = formation

roman = novel

bildungsroman = a novel in which the main character grows up and discovers who he is

Character changes physically and/or mentally from a naive, innocent, uneducated child to a wise, conscious, independent adult.

The conflict is between what the protagonist wants (Freud’s pleasure principle) and what society around them wants (the reality principle).

If time, students figured out how their independent reading novels conformed to the model of the bildungsroman.

HW: Reading #1 of Wikipedia choice novel and Log #1 due tomorrow.