Day 83: Flash Fiction Workshop

Today, students had an opportunity to get some feedback on their work of flash fiction. If students came in not having finished the story, they were docked a homework grade, but had the opportunity to write it in class.

1. Students sat in groups of 5ish. Students not done sat alone.

2. All students in groups filled out the Pre-Workshop Questions on Flash Fiction Workshop #1 Sheet, including a To Do List.

3. We began the workshop using W27, Flash Fiction Workshop, as a guide.

  1. Read aloud. All students read their piece out loud, highlighting sections that were difficult to pronounce or didn’t make sense.
  2. Silent editing. Students passed their story and their FFW#1 sheets to the left. Each student edited the story, looking for a certain literary element (as outline on W27). They made comments on the story as well as filling out the back of FFW#1 for their category.
  3. Feedback. We went around in a circle and each student shared a positive trait and something to work on about each author’s piece.

HW: Next draft due on Saturday, 1/22. It does not have to be typed, but it should address all or most of the feedback from the group. Final draft, typed, double-spaced, with MLA heading due Tuesday, 1/25.

If you don’t come to school on Saturday, you’ll probably get a lower grade on the Flash Fiction assignment because you’ll have less feedback from your peers. Parents, please take into consideration the fact that Saturday is a mandatory school day and we will be doing as much work as we do on any other day (if not more, since classes are shortened).

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