Day 81: Coordinating Conjunctions

1. Finish preposition writing (if needed). We finished W24 and turned in our final sentences after sharing them with partners and having them checked by Ms. G. Each student turned in a 1/4 sheet with their sentence written on it.

2. “Conjunction Junction.” Yes, we watched 3 minutes of cartoons to remind ourselves of what conjunctions are in general.

3. Notes on Run-ons. Students received W25: Runons and Fragments notes.

Here are the notes we took:

  • Independent clause:  a group of words that can stand alone as a sentence (has subject and predicate)
  • Run-on: two or more independent clauses that are NOT joined by semicolon or a conjunction or a period
  • Comma splice: a kind of run-on when you join independent clauses with only a comma

Repair Kit for Run-ons

  1. If the ideas are not connected, then you can add a period and a capital.
  2. If the ideas are somewhat connected, then you can add a semicolon.
  3. If the ideas are connected or opposites, then you can add a comma and a coordinating conjunction.
  4. Make one clause dependent with a subordinating conjunction.

4. FANBOYS. Students guessed which conjunctions formed the acronym FANBOYS (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so), and then we sang the Fanboys Coordinating Conjunctions Song (W26).

Sing along karaoke-style here!

5. Fixing Comma Splices. We discussed how to fix comma splices with FANBOYS conjunctions.

HW: Fixing Comma Splices Worksheet. ALL 13 SENTENCES! Download here: Fixing Comma Splices