Day 79: Preposition Quiz and Writing

1. Preposition Quiz. Students got one minute to study before writing down all the 44 prepositions we memorized. After students finished the quiz, they received “The Handbag” to read and mark prepositional phrases on. After all the preposition competitions Ryan M. won the Batman yo-yo with a stunning 6.62 second recitation!

2. Passbacks. Students received graded homework and the WordSkills vocabulary test from Wednesday (except 4th period — sorry, guys — Monday it will be!). I took questions about the test and we overviewed a few recurring problems (the meaning of superficial, how to write a good sentence, the fact that there’s no comma before because, how to fix a run-on/comma splice).

3. The Preamble. We took a quick five minutes to remove all the prepositional phrases from the preamble of the Constitution: “We the people do ordain and establish this Constitution.” Simple, right?

4. Continuing Preposition Writing. Students got out W24 and we continued working on using prepositions to enhance our writing.

HW: None! You had a big week!


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