Day 62: Works Cited and Titles

1. We all logged in to GoogleDocs.

2. Works Cited. We received W16: The Works Cited Page. We learned the MLA Format Works Cited Song, which you sing to the tune of Old MacDonald:

“Author’s last name – comma – first name.


Title of the Book in italics.


Pub. location colon and then pub. name.

Add a comma, then the date. Ch! You’re almost done with it.

The last thing you add is print or web.


3. Practice with Works Cited. Students unscrambled a works cited entry on their own.

4. Works Cited for your essay. Students created a works cited entry for their own essays using only one edition of To Kill a Mockingbird.

5. Rock ‘n’ Roll Titles. On the back of W16, students read about titles and then came up with an exciting title of their own for the essay.

6. Work time: Students changed page numbers to fit one edition of TKaM, read for flow, and did some general editing. I will print out the essays at 5:00 tonight.

HW: Get some sleep! EOC Benchmark for a quiz grade tomorrow.

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