Day 34: Annotation and hyperbole

1. Annotation of a Key Passage. Students picked up L18, Key Passages in Chapter 1. They annotated the conversation between Dill, Scout, and Jem about getting Boo Radley to “come out” of his house. The best observation all day was made by Janay L.!

2. Oral quiz (test round). Students answered some oral quiz questions (reading comprehension) that were not graded. However, students will be expected to answer such questions on a regular basis. Four or five of these quizzes will be added together for one quiz grade (30%).

3. Review Reference Sheet. Students must fill out their Reference Sheet as the read. Reading tonight, you should find out where Miss Caroline Fischer and Miss Maudie Atkinson live.

4. Hyperbole. We took notes on hyperbole on L17:

3. hyperbole: exaggeration; language used to make something seem more extreme than it actually is. Example: “I’m so hungry I could eat a horse.”

5. Final annotation. Students annotated one passage about Boo Radley on the back of L18.

HW: Read Chapter 2. Add to your Reference Sheet. Do not do a motif journal entry! You don’t know what it is yet.