Day 32: Distributing books and beginning to read

Today, students received all sorts of goodies, including

1. Review of annotation. We looked over our first three paragraphs of annotation and had story time about Ms. Garvoille’s love of annotation (and her love of book collecting contests).

2. Book distribution and calendars. Students received copies of To Kill a Mockingbird to begin reading this week. Any absent students need to remind me to check a copy out to them on their return to school.

3. Film clip. Classes that hadn’t seen the film clip watched it in order to get a visual of some of the main characters.

4. Notes on Background. Students filled in some of their Reference Sheet on TKAM, including the setting, the family trees, and some of the characters.

5. Begin reading. We read the first page or so of TKAM, pointing out difficult allusions as we read.

HW: None. Bring your copy of To Kill a Mockingbird to class each day.

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