Day 30: Fluency

Students practiced reading aloud today in an effort to increase comprehension when reading silently. If a student can successfully read aloud, with emotion, appropriate pauses, and nuance, it is proof that a student is understanding what he or she reads.

1. Review of Reading Aloud. Students brainstormed what is it like to read aloud to a younger sibling or family member. How do you have to read to keep them interested? That’s always how you have to read!

2. Key steps. Reviewing the Oral Reading Fluency worksheet, we discussed the importance of two skills: reading in phrases and stopping at punctuation.

3. Group practice. We read the first page of What it means to be Southern (read online here) together, asking and answering questions as we read, practicing the techniques listed on L14.

4. Partner practice. Students read to each other, practicing the same techniques. As the read, they filled out the back of L14: Oral Reading Fluency.

HW: None. If you want to buy a copy of TKAM, please do so. I recommend it.

Absentees: Download L14 (Oral Reading Fluency) if you do not have it already. Print it off. Then, read “What it means to be Southern” aloud. Remember to breathe at punctuation and read with enthusiasm! As you read, fill out the chart on the back of L14.

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