Day 25: Final work day on memoirs

Today we returned to the computer lab to finish making changes to our GoogleDoc.

1. Additions: Students should have added their two new beginnings and two new endings.

2. Edits: Students should have added the edits we made in class on Tuesday.

3. Final touches: Students need to make sure formatting is perfect (TNR 12 pt. font, double-spaced, perfect dialogue punctuation). Then, double check for fluff removal. Finally, you can always add, add, add more imagery and description.

HW: Final memoir (at least 5 pages) due Friday, printed off and in GoogleDocs. Bring all rough drafts as well. If you would like to turn in your paper on some other day than Friday, you must request an extension by classtime tomorrow, or I will grade your work as is from the GoogleDoc.

Tomorrow Ms. Middleton will be speaking to students about scheduling requirements for high school.

A note: Please feel free to share your GoogleDoc with your friends who might be able to help you edit. It has a chat feature so you can all look at your work and get feedback at the same time.

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