Day 20: Metaphors and Similes

1. Notes on L12. Students took notes in their packet on metaphors and similes, available to pick up from me (sorry, this is another non-downloadable packet). We also learned a song about metaphors and similes. You sing it to the tune of Old MacDonald:

Similes use like, as, than!

Metaphors do not!

Simple, but catchy!

2. Identifying the Tenor, Grounds, and Vehicle. Students located the three parts of similes in numerous challenging examples.

3. Build your own metaphors and begin writing. Students began their own simile and metaphors, using the packet to guide them.

HW: Write one more piece from your Plot Diagram. Include 3 similes/metaphors (if Regular English) or 6 similes/metaphors (if Honors). Tomorrow, make sure to bring all of your rough drafts to school. You also need to bring electronic copies the two pieces you typed (place/name and syntax/inciting/other). Either bring a flash drive or email them to yourself.

Tomorrow, if you are in 1st, 2nd, or 4th period we meet in T-221, upstairs in the new building. If you are in 6th or 7th, we meet in the media center. We will type!