Day 18: Review and copyediting marks

Some classes did a little more, some did a little less of this today, but all will be caught up by tomorrow. Here’s what most of us did:

1. Pick up Weekly Syllabus.

2. Read “My Days as a Warped Fan” for literary devices. Students took five minutes to identify as many literary devices as possible in a chapter from a memoir written by a music fan last year. After five minutes, we bounced around the room, naming as many examples as we could from the short passage. This helped students review how to use literary terms.

3. Read your own revision for literary devices. Students located literary devices in their revisions, underlining and labeling the most important ones. This will give students an opportunity to show off, to point out to Ms. Garvoille how class has influenced their writing.

4. Quiz returns. Some classes got back their literary terms quiz from last week. We reviewed some of the most common wrong answers.

5. Notes on copyediting marks. Students received W3, a guide to copyediting marks, which they took notes on.

6. Copyediting practice. Students read part of a memoir about meeting a best friend. They focused on deleting fluff (meaningless sentences), fixing dialogue punctuation, and spotting typos.

7. Gameplan. Students looked at their My Plot Diagram chart and checked off the events they had already written about. Then, they chose one more event to write this afternoon. In that piece, students must focus on using one literary technique. They should write which literary technique they use at the top of the page.

HW: Write one more part of your memoir (rising action, climax, resolution–whatever it is, make sure you write at least a page). Focus on improving your use of one literary technique that you write at the top of your piece. Due tomorrow.