Day 16: Lit Terms Quiz

1. Cram! At the beginning of class I gave students a few minutes to look over their notes one last time.

2. Literary Terms Quiz #1. Students took a multiple-choice quiz on reading comprehension and the literary terms we studied so far this year. If you were absent, you need to make up the quiz at lunch (bring your lunch to my room and eat as you take the quiz; A and C lunch are both fine).

3. Write! First, students looked for description in their inciting incident pieces. If they found a section that lacked description, they added a few sentences of description in the margin. When that was done, they began writing another even from their plot diagram.

HW: Finish the piece you started in class today. Bring all three/four rough drafts tomorrow (name/place piece, syntax piece, inciting incident, new piece from class today). Tomorrow is workshop day, so be ready to read!