Day 5: Vocabulary extravaganza and the name piece

Today we started our vocabulary program, Wordskills! Students will learn hundreds of word parts, which will unlock thousands of vocabulary words.

  1. Do now: Choose three bullet points from your Name Chart that best reveal your personality or view of the world. Circle them.
  2. WordSkills Notes. We learned three word parts today and one SAT word. We also learned a fancy name for black lung disease: pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis. Notes can be found for each lesson here. Today we took notes on Lesson 1, #1-3. We also took notes on the SAT word ambivalent (ambivalence, to be ambivalent about, ambivalently).  Absent students need to pick up the handout from me and come in at lunch/before school to get the notes! We also reviewed our three word parts with hand motions. (Remember? Without, lacking! Both! Against!)
  3. Begin name piece. Based on their name charts, students began telling a story about their name. The goal is to reveal your identity little by little by telling your reader about your name. Use Sandra Cisneros’s “My Name” chapter from The House on Mango Street as a guide (it’s on the back of your name chart).

HW: Finish name piece rough draft for tomorrow. Standard, that means at least one page (handwritten). Honors, that means more than one page until you feel you’re finished.

Announcement: Meetings for the memoir editing staff will begin tomorrow, Wednesday, after school. They will last until 5:00. These students will help publish the memoirs of this year’s and last year’s students.