Day 150: Poetry Review

Today we studied for the Poetry Test (tomorrow!).

1. Final poetry journal. What are some tips for reading and “getting” a poem? Write down five tips in complete sentences. What are three things that can shift in a poem? List them. Students turned in their poetry journals.

2. WordSkills 6.16-6.20.

3. Review Game. We reviewed key terms (alliteration, assonance, rhyme scheme, metered verse, free verse, metaphor, personification, shift, stanza, speaker, tone, connotation, denotation, syntax, simile, theme/message, diction) by playing a scavenger hunt game with some poems from the literature textbook.

HW: Study poetry terms. The test tomorrow will be multiple choice plus a paragraph writing section similar to your practice TPCASTT paragraph.

There will be a review session tomorrow (Wednesday) morning at 8:00. You can earn one point of extra credit for attending.

Absentees: You need to get WordSkills notes from a friend (or from me). If you will be in school tomorrow, you can spend the period reviewing for the test or working on makeup assignments. If you are ready, you may take the test tomorrow, but you are not required to. However, you are required to set up another time to take the test, outside of class.

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