Day 134: Good Will Day

Today we helped each other out on further editing our GoogleDocs, since the few documents I took a hard look at were not ready to go on the internet! We did a kind of musical chairs version of editing where people ready to give advice sat next to those who needed help.

Here’s the big bit of info for the day:

All students need to create a Wikipedia account at home this weekend!

How? Follow these directions:

1.     Go to
2.     Click “login/create an account” in the upper-right corner.
3.     Click “Create one.”
4.     Enter in the letters in the security test.
5.     For Username, type in the username you gave to Ms. Garvoille.
6.     Type in your Password and write it down.
7.     You must type in your Email.
8.     Click “Create account.”

Don’t do anything else! Homework done.


#1: You cannot create an account at school. Wanna know why? Check out all the junk people from DSA have added: Click here to see blatant vandalism conducted from DSA (just click on “diff” next to any edit to see what they did).

#2: I cannot create accounts for you because you are 120 students. I have one IP address (at home). One can only create 6 accounts every 24 hours from the same IP address. So I would have needed to start making your accounts 20 days ago (which I didn’t).

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