Day 119: Books!

Hooray! Today we went to the media center to check out everyone’s YA books.

1. Book distribution in the Media Center. I will post groups here later! Students will decide what chapters to read when using these handy bookmarks: Bookmarks.

2. Writer’s Notebooks. We went over the requirements for the writer’s notebook pages here: Writers Notebook Wikipedia.

Students had a few minutes at the end of class to begin reading their books.

HW: Read as much of your novel as your group decided. Complete 1/2 page notes with page numbers and 1/2 page summary in Writer’s Notebook.

Absentees: Call someone in your class to find out whose group you’re in, or just pick a book you’d like to read and start reading it! Then do the writer’s notebook assignment on about 1/4 of the book. You will work alone in that case, which is fine.