Day 116: Reflecting on Academic Progress

Today, we took a class period for students to reflect on their progress in school. I felt we needed to do this, since 50% of these students are failing English.

1. First, students did a written reflection for about 15 minutes on their academic preferences.

  1. How do I learn best? What kinds of assignments, class activities, and projects can I enjoy and be successful with? List at least 5 things.
  2. What confuses me about class? What kinds of assignments, class activities, and projects are confusing or just too difficult? List at least three. For each, explain how it can be improved to make you more successful.
  3. What is my academic goal for 3rd quarter English? Be specific.
  4. What steps can I take to achieve that goal?

2. Next, we had a class discussion about steps students could take to improve their grades. We discussed both what I could do and what students could do. Tomorrow, we will sign a contract agreeing to the terms established in class.

HW: None.

Absentees: Answer the above four questions on a sheet of paper and turn them into the box.

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