Day 112: WordSkills 5 Review

Today, we reviewed for the WordSkills vocabulary test on Monday. Student reviewed in two ways:

1. We played WordSkills-to-WordSkills, which is basically Apples-to-Apples with vocab words. Students created the card content themselves.

2. Quizlet study. We went to the computer lab to play flashcard memory games on Quizlet. Here’s a link to the Unit 5 study set: There are also sets for Units 1-4, since this is a cumulative test. Any student who beats my score of 158,820 on Space Race will get extra credit. Make sure when you play, you sign up for Quizlet and you’re logged in under a username and password that I can recognize as you (or that you tell me is you). You can’t get extra credit unless you’re logged in.

HW:  Study for WordSkills 5 test on Monday. As usual, I will accept paper flashcards for extra credit. Also, having full notes will get you extra credit. Also, you can come to the review session Monday morning at 8:00 for extra credit.

Tomorrow and Friday we will be taking EOC Benchmark exams. This is the same format exam we took earlier this year, which focuses on grammar (“Composition”) and reading (“Textual Analysis”). If you want some extra practice, you can look at the Extra Credit options under the Homework page.

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