Day 68: “Just Lather,” “The Tyrant”

1. WordSkills Review. We spent about 10 minutes reviewing number word parts by creating shapes out of strips of colored paper. For instance, students had to make dichromatic octogons or a triad of monochromatic duets. The team with the most wins received one extra credit point to use on the WordSkills test on Monday.

2. The Heinz Dilemma: Review. We discussed answers to the three scenarios of the Heinz dilemma and what moral stage each decision corresponded to. This was to check students’ understanding of the stages.

3. Introduction to “The Tyrant” episode of House, MD. We briefly discussed characters and the background of the episode students would be watching. Dibala, the dictator, is the Torres figure. Dr. Chase, the blond Australian doctor, is the barber figure. Dr. Cameron is his wife and another doctor on the team. Dr. Foreman is the doctor with the goatee who is in charge of the team.

4. Viewing: “The Tyrant.” Students watched scenes of Season 6, Episode¬†3 of House that pertained to the Dibala plotline. As they watched, students completed the viewing guide that can be downloaded here (kohlberg). We also paused frequently to discuss characters’ decisions and plot points. Students looked for parallels between “Just Lather, That’s All” and “The Tyrant” focusing on 1) the professions depicted, 2) the razor (i.e. What is the razor parallel in “The Tyrant”?), 3) Torres, and 4) the line “Killing isn’t easy, take it from me,” spoken by Torres.

Below, you can watch most of the episode we watched in class, except for the last part (which is the most important part). Sorry.

Warning: This episode contains at least 2 explicit words, which I did my best to edit out during class.

I highly suggest downloading the episode from iTunes if you’re interested in watching or rewatching the whole show. Unfortunately, it is no longer available on hulu.

Have a great weekend!

HW: Finish Venn Diagram on “The Tyrant” viewing guide. This needs to be completely filled in with many different kinds of thoughts. A surface-level comparison is not enough. Study for WordSkills Unit 4 test on Monday. This is cumulative, so it will test words from Units 1-4.

Absentees: Watch the House episode above, focusing on the scenes with Dr. Chase and Dibala. Fill out the viewing guide as you watch. To fill in the scenes you miss at the end of the episode (if you don’t download it from iTunes) read the summary on Wikipedia. Then complete the Venn Diagram.

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