Day 64: Review of Short Story Plot Diagram

Today, we began moving on to new material in our short story unit.

1. Students wrote down on a slip of paper what “cause” they chose for their Year-Long Project. Any student uncertain of their cause today should put it on a sheet of paper in the make-up work bin tomorrow.

2. Diagramming sentence practice. Students diagrammed the following sentences:

3. We read the story “Yogurt” together, talked about inferences, and diagrammed the plot.

4. Students chose their own stories to read alone or in groups and began answering questions about the story. Students had these stories to choose from:

The Appalachian Trial” by Bruce Eason

Snow” by Julia Alvarez

“The Burlington Northern, Southbound” by Bruce Holland Rogers (not available online)

“Dinner Time” by Russel Edson (not available online)

“The Father” by Raymond Carver (not available online)

Students then filled out a worksheet on their story (Download here: short story analysis in class). It’s okay for students to work on this together. 4th, 5th, and 7th period had to finish this for homework.

HW: Bring Odyssey book tomorrow for note check.  4th, 5th, and 7th period finish worksheet on story.

Absentees: Choose one of the stories in the list above that is available online. Download the short story analysis worksheet to complete at home. Return to the make-up bin when you come back to school.

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