Day 37: Homonyms and WordSkills

Though we’ve been spending a lot of time on vocab and spelling, I think that frontloading this instruction now will pay off later in the year and later in high school.

1. Their/they’re/there. Students took notes on these homonyms. Only students who did not get these words right on the spelling test had to take notes on them. I don’t want to reteach if you’ve already learned this.

Their = used to show something belongs to them. Example: their car (they own the car), their house (they own the house), their school (they own/go to the school).

They’re = they are. The apostrophe stands for the “a” in are. Whenever you mean to say “they are,” use “they’re.”

There = a place. Because the word there also has the word here in it, you can remember when to use “there” if you can replace it with the word “here.” For instance, if you say, “I’m going over there,” you could also say, “I’m going over here,” and it makes sense.

2. WordSkills 2.11-2.15. We learned about: hyperbole, hypothermia, megalomania, monocles, and the Neolithic era. Check your students on these prefixes: hyper (above, beyond, over), hypo (under), mega (large), mono (one), neo (new).

HW: Read “The Enchantress Circe” p. 673-674 and take notes on stickies by tomorrow. Read “The Land of the Dead” p. 675-677 by Tuesday and take notes on stickies.

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