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It’s pronounced “GARvoyl,” like “gargoyle,” but with a “v”.

About Ms. G.

A Wisconsin native come to Carolina via Michigan, Connecticut, and Paris, Ms. Garvoille has made DSA her new personal project. A poet, photographer, sax player, and once-upon-a-time actress, Alexa Garvoille is familiar with all the arts pathways at DSA, having herself studied at Interlochen Arts Academy, an arts high school in Michigan. She believes deeply in the central nature of the arts to the lives of teenagers and adults. Interlochen is where Ms. G. first became an avid reader and thinker at the age of 16, inspiring her to teach English at an arts high school herself. She pursued the connection between English and the arts at Yale in an interdisciplinary major in literature and photography. After teaching at DSA for three years, she enjoyed a brief sojourn in Virginia before returning to Durham to teach at Jordan High School. Now in her ninth year of teaching, Ms. Garvoille is ecstatic to be back home at DSA. She answers emails at all hours of the evening, so please drop her a line.